About Us

We are four friends, two couples, that met randomly, at a charity Halloween party.   We are an artist (Amanda), a printer (Joe), “The Honeycutt’s, an IT guy (Chris), and a marketing girl (Julie), “The Colotti’s”…. many of the functions you need to run an online t-shirt company, that came together randomly, over some kicka$$ Halloween Costumes.

Each couple owns and operates our own small businesses, and one night over dinner….and maybe a few cocktails…. we decided a joint venture would be a great way to way to combine our individual talents and have some fun.  People love t-shirts, especially FUNNY and UNIQUE t-shirts.  Our objective is to create fun and unique shirts that folks would wear.  We appreciate that you work hard for your money, and we don’t want to sell you a shirt that’s funny, but better suited to wash your car.